2018 – 2019 Race Season Preview

Last year MBN Racing was a new race team with all kinds of learning and process management to establish. We learned a lot and had a solid race season, finishing second and third in the USSA season points of our Pro Lite classes.

Returning now for year two, we are working on making improvements to our processes and race equipment as we head toward our second year of racing. As you can imagine, we have raised our expectations for what a successful year will look like and how we will perform in a very competitive class of ice oval racing.

The team has a new driver, Zach Ricci, and that means we need to build a relationship and trust in how each of us (crew and driver) will perform and what our roles are during prep leading up to the race and also being able to work quickly and precisely at the track. Zach has a lot of experience and we are confident that will work to our advantage when things get a little crazy, which they inevitably do at some point during the season.

This season will be a little bit different than in the past, in that we will only visit five cities but will have a full slate of nine races this season. We will visit each track twice except for Weyawega, which hopefully will help the promoters. It takes a lot of work to build a track and line up the help to run the races, which every racer appreciates, but we seldom get the chance to say thank you to all the volunteers. With a second date, the promoters can take advantage of the work to lay out the basics for race one and have much less work for race two. MBN Racing wishes them all the best of luck for a successful season.

An ongoing task is the securing of sponsorship/support for our team. We are very happy to announce the return of Wahl Brothers, Woody’s, Dayco and NGK this year with product and technology support. Their product helps us be competitive and consistent – no product failures last year. Thank you for the support. We will have additional announcements prior to the season start on additional sponsors.

MBN Racing hopes you enjoy the updates and look forward to your comments and feedback. Feel free to ask questions or perhaps suggest a topic you’d like to know more about. We’d like to hear what you are thinking would make this page more informative for you.

All the best from the MBN Race Team and please visit us at the track!