Welcome to the MBN Racing website!  We’re glad you’ve come to visit. It’s here where you can find updates on the team, information about our sponsors and details from the track – so stop by often.

For the launch of the site we thought we would tell you a little about what we do during the summer. Much like the NFL, we don’t really have an off season. As a new team we are working to complete chassis and engine development. To complete proper testing, the team needs spare parts, so we spend time during the off season collecting the components that give us the changes we can control. Sometimes even slight changes can make the difference between first and second place.

One example is spring wear, which changes shift patterns. Most trail sleds and trail riders don’t notice the slow loss of power due to the spring rates gradually changing, but an ice oval race sled is much more sensitive and precise shift patterns are needed to be competitive. That means a lot of springs in inventory.

Once we have the parts, we turn the engine development over to our builder and he works within the rules to find every horse available in the head and pipes. These are the two basic areas where a ProLite engine builder can work. These engines are much closer to stock than the Champ sleds.

Being a new team also means we need to promote ourselves and look for kind-hearted souls who will help support our effort as sponsors.  Business plan development, social media roll out and industry related shows like Hay Days are all part of the effort. All the members of the team take part and contribute to merchandising the team and properly representing our sponsors. We will be featuring our sponsors throughout the season and who knows, you might find tips, hints and the occasional offer from them.

The summer is now over and other than a recent heat wave, it’s time to wrap up the building of the sled and prepare for testing. As soon as we have ice we will move into test mode and get ready for the first race.

Thanks again for visiting our website and stop by often for regular updates.